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Get Your Citizens Back On Board: How to Build Trust & Boost Engagement


Live Webinar Recording

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Many local governments have trouble connecting and building trust with their citizens, causing significant distress, including negative pushback, lack of participation and a loss of respect. These problems have become increasingly evident in recent years as the financial constraints of the "new normal" threaten service levels. How can you effectively connect with your citizens and promote a heightened community engagement? Join us for this connection-building, 60-minute webinar where you and your colleagues will discover:

  • Proven steps for building trust between local government and citizens
  • Actionable approaches to convert to a more citizen-centric service
  • Ways to initiate change that supports community effectiveness
  • Keys for connecting with minority and special interest groups

Program Highlights

  • Strategies to Amplify Citizen Trust By Improving Engagement

    • How to create trust through targeted communication & media
    • Enhance the relationship between law enforcement and the public
    • Best practices to promote interaction between government and citizens
    • Strategies to reach out to minority and special interest groups
  • Keys to Creating a Consistently Strong Community Relationship

    • Ways to improve citizens engagement through dependable customer service
    • How to acknowledge mistakes and limitations without backlash
    • Leverage connections with community leaders with integrity and honesty
  • Take Steps to Reach, Market and Connect with Your Community Better

    • How governments drive accountability through performance measurement
    • Develop a Citizen Centric Design to improve service deliverability
    • Best practices to better understand of the needs of local citizens
  • Q & A: Have Your Specific Trust Building & Citizen Engagement Questions Answered Live

About The Speaker

Earl Mathers is County Administrator and CAO for Gallatin County, Montana, a position he has held since August 2006. Prior to that time he was a senior executive with the Washington, DC-based Graduate School, USA.

  • Mr. Mathers has more than thirty years public and non-profit experience and has served in a variety of senior level management positions in those sectors. His experience also includes the management of long-term local government projects in Lithuania and Romania as well a broad range of short-term international activities.
  • Mr. Mathers has extensive experience managing local economic development programs and is certified as an Economic Development Finance Professional (EDFP). He holds a BA from the University of Montana and an MPA from the University of Wyoming. The author of more than twenty-five articles, Mr. Mathers' most recent publications have appeared in ASPA and ICMA periodicals the Public Manager, Public Management and the Public Administration Times.
  • Mr. Mathers has served as an invited speaker at a number of regional, national and international conferences. He and his wife Kallie have four grown children and three grandchildren.

Program Benefits

This relationship-building, 60-minute webinar will provide your government agency with successful strategies to help build trust, enhance community togetherness and align outcomes with citizen priorities.