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Government eRecord Retention: Develop Policies & Processes for Compliance


Live Webinar Recording

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In today's ever-changing digital world of email, texting and social media, it is now more challenging than ever for government agencies to stay legally compliant and properly navigate the complexities of electronic record retention. Without a proper policy in place for electronically stored information and transitions to a paperless office, you could be at risk for heavy fines, sanctions and more. Join us for this informational, 60-minute webinar where you will discover:

  • Proven steps for establishing a workable e-record retention policy
  • Keys to avoid common mistakes that can result in costly penalties
  • Necessary policies for BYOD, Social media, texts & emails
  • What is private & what is not: Strategies to ensure compliance
  • BONUS: Sample record retention templates included for review

Program Highlights

  • Essential Strategies for e-Records Management: Keys to ensure compliance

    • Necessary techniques to manage your organization's electronic records
    • Keys to develop policies that your stakeholders will buy in to
    • Latest updates: Key court cases relevant to government
  • Keys to Effective Electronic Record Management for Government Agencies

    • Effective policy templates for managing email records
    • How to create policy language for "unconventional" e-records
    • Strategies to effectively managing social media, texts, blogs & more
    • Sample policy language for bring your own device (BYOD)
  • Public vs. Private Records: Keys to Understanding the Difference

    • Understanding citizen privacy vs. government employee privacy
    • Privacy disclaimers for government employees- What this means to you
    • Freedom of Information Act: Keys to effectively cope
  • Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Benjamin Wright is the author of several technology law books, including Business Law and Computer Security, published by the SANS Institute.

  • With 25 years in private law practice, he has advised many organizations, large and small, private sector and public sector, on privacy, computer security, records management and e-mail discovery and been quoted in publications around the globe, from the Wall Street Journal to the Sydney Morning Herald.
  • Recently Russian banking authorities tapped him for advice on electronic payments and investigations.

Program Benefits

Join us for a 60-minute webinar designed to provide you and your colleagues with the necessary skills to manage your organization's electronic records and to develop policies that your stakeholders will buy in to.