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Conquering Workplace Internet Abuse: Drafting & Enforcing Your Policies


Live Webinar Recording

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With the increased use of online communications, such as Facebook and Twitter, by local governments and their employees, it is vital to have the proper policies in place to limit employee abuse and prevent security risks to your organization. How can you effectively draft and enforce airtight internet policies to protect your organization from potential liability? Join us for this 60-minute webinar where you will discover:

  • Strategies for drafting and enforcing airtight employee internet policies
  • Monitoring employee use of social networks: What's legal, what's not
  • Current policies and procedures to ensure your agency is in compliance
  • Termination and disciplinary policies & procedures for online activity

Program Highlights

  • Drafting Facebook, Twitter & Email Policies to Protect Your Agency

    • Drafting effective policies: What to include, what to avoid
    • What is considered inappropriate behavior vs. freedom of speech?
    • Monitoring electronic communications: Legal strategies for your agency
  • Proper Online Use & Enforcement for Employee Use of Social Networks

    • How to properly discipline inappropriate employee online behavior
    • Strategies to protect confidential & business information
    • Essential risks affiliated and involved with "retaliation" complaints
  • Electronic Privacy in Government: Policies & Procedures for Compliance

    • Information- security risks and solutions to minimize liability
    • Important laws protecting individuals' privacy and how to comply
    • The main consequence of online & social media misuse by employees
  • Question and Answer Session- Have Your Specific Questions Answered!

About The Speaker

Melissa Fleischer, Esq.- President- HR Learning Center LLC

  • Ms. Fleischer is the Founder and President of HR Learning Center LLC, a full-service Human Resources Consulting Firm specializing in the area of employment law. HR Learning Center LLC provides training seminars, webinars and consulting on a wide range of workplace and human resource issues.
  • Ms. Fleischer is a management-side employment attorney with over twenty years' experience and is nationally recognized as an expert in her field.
  • She has successfully represented numerous clients in employment law discrimination litigation as well as providing preventative counseling and training on workplace issues.
  • Ms. Fleischer is a frequent lecturer on a wide range of employment law topics including seminars and workshops on Anti-Harassment Training, FMLA/ADA Training and Workplace Violence Prevention Training. She is a graduate of George Washington University where she earned her JD degree.

Program Benefits

This practical, 60-minute webinar will provide you with insightful and useful tips from a leading employment law attorney on drafting effective social network and internet policies for the workplace that will protect employers from costly litigation and liability.