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Government CyberSecurity: New Threats, New Tactics for 2014


Live Webinar Recording

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Cyber threats are real, they are constantly growing, and every agency or jurisdiction is at risk daily. With government organizations storing a ton of personal information, from financial accounts & health records to social security numbers, it is vital that you have a top-notch cybersecurity system in place to protect yourself from a malicious cyber-attack. Join us for this interactive, 60-minute webinar where you will discover:

  • Key cyber risks for government agencies: What you need to know in 2014
  • NIST Cybersecurity Framework Overview & must have security considerations
  • Proven strategies to detect & protect your agency from a breach
  • The changing nature of cyber-attacks & what to do if one occurs
  • Real life examples: How others have minimized responded to breaches

Program Highlights

  • The Ever-Changing Cyber-Threat Environment: Proven Strategies for Defense

    • What to expect from cyber-attacks in the near future: How to stay ready!
    • The change from broad, scattered attacks to advanced & targeted attacks
    • How to keep your staff educated & prepared to prevent these attacks
  • Best Practices to Strengthen Your Cybersecurity & Prevent a Breach

    • Key strategies for managing & minimizing your agency's cyber risks
    • How to find your agencies vulnerable areas & boost your security
    • Implementing an easy, organized plan to keep your agency safe
  • Incident Response Planning Fundamentals: Tactics To Clean Up The Mess

    • Creating an incident response plan: Active steps your agency can take now
    • Effective steps to help manage the aftermath of a data breach
    • How cyber/data breach insurance helps you respond quickly & properly
  • Q & A Session: Have Your Specific Cyber Security Questions Answered Live!

About The Speaker

Christine Marciano, President of Cyber Data Risk Managers LLC

  • Christine is an independent insurance agency, is a recognized cyber insurance thought leader that specializes exclusively in data privacy, cyber liability risk, Directors & Officers insurance and intellectual property protection.
  • Christine focuses on helping businesses and organizations create an incident response plan through utilization of a cyber security/data breach insurance policy.
  • Previously Christine held positions at CIBC Oppenheimer, Axa Advisors and Allstate Insurance Company.

Program Benefits

In this newly-updated, 60-minute webinar, you will discover the evolving cyber threats your agency is up against, how to minimize your cyber risks and how to create an incident response plan.