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Proposal Budgeting Basics: Keys to Prepare & Present A Grant Proposal


Live Webinar Recording

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With a budget being the key element of many grant proposals, it is vital that you do not let a bad budget undermine a great proposal! How can you write an effective proposal budget that outlines and included all details proposed for projects in the fiscal term and helps reviewers to determine how the project will be conducted with proper preparation? Join us for this LIVE, 60-minute webinar, where you will discover:

  • The essentials, importance & purpose of building better proposal budgets
  • Keys to ensure your proposal budget aligns with the proposal narrative
  • How to determine the suitable grant amount to request
  • Why poorly planned budgets can hurt your organization even if funded
  • Common pitfalls to avoid: Don't let bad budgets damage great proposals

Program Highlights

  • The Key Purpose Of An Effective Budget: Fundamentals, Importance & More

    • How to identify & understand all different kinds of budgets out there
    • Cost groups, cost sharing & cost limitations: Proposal budget musts
    • How to accurately align your proposal budget with your narrative
  • Best Practices For Building Better Grant Budgets: Perfecting Your Proposal

    • Key questions to ask program & financial staff to help correctly budget
    • What is the best budget format to adopt and plan by?
    • Vital elements to include in your narrative budget justification
    • What level of detail do you need to include for non-personnel expenses?
  • Understanding Why & How Poorly Planned Proposals Can Ultimately Hurt You

    • Best strategies to determine the proper grant amount to request
    • How grantmakers view the relationship between project & operating budget
    • Most common mistakes others make that you should avoid
  • LIVE Interactive Q & A Session: Have Your Specific Questions Answered!

About The Speaker

W. Scott Erwin, CGFM, CRA is an active member of many professional organizations including AGA, NACUBO, SACUBO, TASSCUBO, NCURA, NACAS, SRA and FDP. He is a frequent speaker at many regional, national and international meetings and Grant and Contract Management consultant.

  • His sponsored program administration experience includes proposal approvals, policy and procedure modifications, contract negotiation, accounting and reporting, sub-awards, receivables management, IRB-IACUC protocols, export controls, effort reporting, award closeout and facilities and administration rate proposals and negotiation.
  • He helps government agencies and professionals on preparing financial and related reports; managing grants and awards; dealing with compliance issues, grants management, including preparation, review, and submittal of proposals; negotiation and acceptance of grants; post-award financial and administrative management; closeout and audit; and relevant compliance issues.

Program Benefits

During this LIVE, 60-minute webinar, you will discover how to properly learn how to prepare, avoid mistakes and present a budget in a grant proposal, that will be accepted for the upcoming fiscal year.