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1099 Reporting Updates: What Your Government Agency Needs to Know in 2014


Live Webinar Recording

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With 2014 coming to an end, 1099 reporting is more complex than ever and the IRS is actively targeting its enforcement measures on public sector. How can you make sure your agency is in compliance with the latest 1099 reporting regulations? Join us in this 90-minute webinar where you and your staff will learn:

  • 1099 government compliance checklist: What & how you need to report
  • From TIN management to 1099 issuance: How to get the process right
  • 1099-MISC reporting: What payments can you include?
  • Effective 1099 correcting: What to do when your numbers are off

Program Highlights

  • Latest Government 1099 Reporting Regulations: Don't Be an IRS Target

    • 1099 reporting in the public sector: How & what to file
    • Withholding & capture of reportable payments: Rules for compliance
    • Mistakes & omissions: Effective guidelines to avoid liability & fines
    • What to do with payments for both goods AND services
  • Reporting, Changes & Deadlines: Keys to Minimize Liability

    • The 1099 process: From TIN management to 1099 issuance
    • Top strategies to determine who & what you need to report
    • 1099-MISC reporting & the type of payments to include
    • Key issues for backup withholding: When to start and when to stop
  • Prevent Errors & Avoid Penalties: What Your Agency Needs to Do

    • Common errors on Form 1099: How to spot & correct inaccuracies
    • B-Notice Penalty provisions: Avoid fines & liability
    • Payment card rules: How 1099 reporting is affected
    • Correctly document independent contractor as reportable or non-reportable
    • Establish "reasonable cause" and avoid penalties on Form 1099
  • Question and Answer Session - Have your Specific 1099 Questions Answered!

About The Speaker

Patrick Haggerty is an educator, tax consultant, and author. His career includes non-profit organization management, banking, manufacturing accounting, and tax practice. He holds a Master of Science in Accounting and has taught accounting at the college level for nearly three decades.

  • Pat is an Enrolled Agent (IRS licensed taxpayer representative). He helped develop and teach EA exam review courses for the North Carolina Society of Enrolled Agents.
  • He regularly develops and presents webinars on a variety of topics including payroll tax issues, FLSA compliance and information return reporting,
  • He has authored numerous published articles. Since 1998, he has written a monthly question and answer column for payroll newsletters.
  • He is a sought after speaker for professional associations.

Program Benefits

In this comprehensive, 90-minute webinar learn the new mandatory changes for 1099 reporting in the public sector and the guidelines to ensure compliance and avoid increased IRS fines.