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Customer Service the Disney Way: Keys to Great Public Sector Service


Live Webinar Recording

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For generations, Disney has delivered consistent and legendary customer service strategies. Applying these techniques in the government sector can unlock a whole new world of satisfaction for your citizens. Learn how your agency can start WOWing its customer today. Join us for this 60-minute webinar where you and your colleagues will discover:

  • How to create a Disney-like culture of customer service at your agency
  • Tips to exceed customer expectations the Disney way
  • Tools to ensure the customer becomes, and stays, the top priority
  • Keys to promote the message of service excellence to your employees

Program Highlights

  • Seeing Through the Eyes of Your Customer: Keys to Service Excellence

    • Understanding customer emotions: How to customize your service strategy
    • Service mapping: What it is & how it can boost your customer satisfaction
    • Is your agency customer friendly? Tips to improve your business processes
  • "WOW" Your Customer: Making them Feel Important-the "Disney Way"

    • Keys for making a successful customer-centric service overhaul
    • Simple & easily implemented strategies to treat your citizens like VIP's
    • Techniques to making great customer service non-negotiable
  • Empowering Your Employees: How to Ensure Reliability & Accountability

    • Disney's effective methods for accountability - Learn from the best!
    • Five-step coaching: Keys to addressing service issues at your agency
    • Raising the bar: How to overcome service hurdles in the public sector
  • Live Q&A Session - Have All Your Public Sector Service Questions Answered

About The Speaker

Customer service expert Teri Yanovitch has been on the frontline of the customer experience for more than three decades.

  • Author of the acclaimed "Unleashing Excellence - The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service," she is a former speaker and seminar leader for the Disney Institute.
  • Teri instills the service excellence culture in all sizes of businesses. She has helped many diverse organizations over the years such as Cool Cuts 4 Kids, Nokia, America's Blood Centers, Fiserv Technologies, Art Gallery of Ontario, AAA, Rollins College, Ernst & Young, Nyack Hospital, Florida's Turnpike Enterprise, First Citizens Bank, and Subway apply the best practices of continuous improvement in both quality and service to achieve their goals.

Program Benefits

This 60-minute webinar will provide you with solutions to improve quality and customer satisfaction in the public sector by utilizing the same strategies and culture that have made Disney so successful.