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Ethics Awareness for Govt. Employees: How to Demonstrate Ethical Conduct


Live Webinar Recording

Recording Price: $199.00

(Includes Proprietary Materials)

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management requires an ongoing and annual ethics initiative for all government employees. How can you help your employees prevent and avoid ethical issues and risks associated with workplace culture? Join us for live, interactive, 60-minute training where you will discover:

  • Keys to prevent & resolve potential dilemmas common in every workplace
  • How to keep compliant & apply ethical framework in today's diverse workplace
  • Ways to gain trust by demonstrating honesty, integrity, & ethical behavior
  • Limit reputational & regulatory risks, and solidify your agency's ethical culture

Program Highlights

  • Keys to Addressing Ethics Related to Today's Diverse Workforce

    • Keys for addressing everyday ethics issues in your job
    • Stop the culture of misuse of government property
    • Ways to develop skills for resolving ethical dilemmas quickly & responsibly
  • Proven Techniques to Apply Ethical Frameworks in Government Agencies

    • Role of mentors, advisors, and/or supervisors for ethical consultations
    • Knowing your agency's codes of conduct: Keys to communicate
    • How to improve your professional & personal understanding of ethics
  • Keys to Proactively Handle all Controversy & Avoidable Issues

    • Conflicting expectations of organizational and individual clients
    • Practical Strategies for fostering ethical workplace conduct
    • Tactics for solving real & perceived conflicts of interest
  • Live Q&A: Have Your Specific Questions Answered by an Expert!

About The Speaker

Dan Goldberg, M.B.A

  • Dan Goldberg is a nationally recognized trainer, coach, business developer, keynote speaker, and master marketer. His business, management and marketing expertise and unique way of achieving success has been expressed through frequent keynote speeches, lectures and training sessions to executives, entrepreneurs, government officials and students at all levels.
  • He was officially recognized for his contributions to United States public diplomacy by being chosen to receive the Citizen Diplomacy Award for American Business by the International Visitors Council of Philadelphia (IVC). This award was given to Mr. Goldberg for his work teaching Russian business executives strategic planning. These executives were chosen by the President of Russia and sponsored by the United States government under the Presidential Management Training Initiative. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania House of Representatives also presented him with a "Certificate of Appreciation" for his activities with PMTI.
  • Mr. Goldberg has been the subject of stories in Newsweek, Business Week, Playboy, Successful Business, Investor's Business Daily and newspapers in major cities across the United States. In addition, he has appeared on Good Morning America and other national and local television and radio programs

Program Benefits

This interactive, 60-minute webinar will provide you with valuable insight and strategic practices for creating an ethical work environment in government agencies.