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eRecord Retention in Government: What to Save, Purge & Ensure Compliance


Live Webinar Recording

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Business records - whether they are emails, social media posts, or even text messages - can pose a major compliance risk to your government agency. Any mishandled electronic data could result in litigation, regulatory investigations, congressional hearings or FOIA requests. What can you do to avoid record mismanagement, fines and sanctions? Join us for a 60-minute webinar and discover:

  • Retention and deletion guidelines for electronic business records
  • Costly risks associated with e-business record mismanagement
  • Policies and procedures to minimize risk and maximize compliance
  • Best practices to enforce and manage your record retention policy
  • Bonus handout! A 7-step strategic tip sheet for effective record management

Program Highlights

  • The Latest Retention and Deletion Guidelines: Keys to Compliance

    • Federal and state laws governing Electronically Stored Information (ESI)
    • E-discovery - how to know your email and ESI are legally valid
    • Business records vs. transitory messages
  • Protect Your Agency and Enforce Compliance: Developing Retention Policies

    • Ways to draft and implement a workable record retention policy program
    • Policy, training and security technology - protect confidential information
    • Identify your information timeline - what to keep and for how long?
  • Potential Pitfalls: Avoid Record Mismanagement, Compliance and Legal Risks

    • How to prepare for the worst with a litigation hold policy
    • eRecord lifecycles in record management - what to purge and when
    • Real-life records disaster stories in gov't - learn from others' mistakes
  • Live Question and Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

An internationally recognized expert on workplace email, social media, and Internet policy, compliance, and communication, Nancy Flynn is founder and executive director of The ePolicy Institute, which is dedicated to helping employers limit electronic risks, including litigation, through written policy, employee training, and compliance management programs.

  • Nancy Flynn serves as an expert witness for the federal government and law firms engaged in email and Internet-related litigation.
  • She is regularly retained by government agencies, technology companies and other organizations worldwide to conduct seminars and webinars and create training tools.
  • Nancy Flynn is an in-demand speaker, seminar leader, corporate coach, and the author of 13 books published in 6 languages.
  • She also serves as a go-to media source and has been featured by Fortune, Time, The New York Times, Newsweek, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal among other media outlets worldwide.

Program Benefits

This jam-packed 60-minute webinar will provide best practices to effectively create eRecord Retention policies and procedures to help your government agency ensure compliance and reduce risks including litigation, regulatory fines, congressional oversight, and negative PR.